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Fealey’s Final Festival

Hello everyone!

Wow, it’s been a helluva long time since we posted any news updates for you on here. Sorry about that!

For those of you who follow us over on Facebook, Twitter et al, you will be aware that our awesome bassist Pete, has made the decision to step away from the band, as he explains in the below statement originally posted back on 1st August:

“Hi Everyone!

Pete here. I thought I ought to tell everyone on here that I’ve spoken with everyone in the band over the last few weeks, and made the incredibly painful decision to step away as the band’s bass player.

I had a lot change in my personal life recently and my business is starting to take a lot more of my time up. Most importantly I have two young children and as the band is becoming more busy and successful, I’m starting to see less of them than I’d like – which I have decided to address. As a result of this shift in my priorities, I’m less available for gigs and in my opinion it was starting to hold the band back. There’s absolutely no bad feeling from any corner, and I’ll be hanging on for a while yet…

It’s been a total blast, and like I say, I’m not going anywhere until a replacement is found, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to get me drunk over the next few weeks/months! I’ll still come along to support the band when I can, and I still want to see all you lovely lot. I’m really very grateful and honoured to have been a part of this, and have met so many wonderful people as a result. Much, much love. Pete xxx”

We are gutted to say the least, but are completely supportive of him (we’re all still very much friends!) and although we are very sad to see him leave us, we understand his reasons, and we’re going to hold him to his promise to come to a gig now and then.

Sorry Pete, it’s there in your statement. There’s no backing out of it matey!

This also left us with the challenge of trying to find someone to fill Pete’s shoes. We were inundated with suggestions, and as Pete has been with us from the very start, we needed to take time to make sure whoever comes in is just right for us, and vice versa. The whole thing was incredibly difficult. Who knew there was a Goldilocks Zone for bassists, eh?

We are happy to report that we have someone ready to take the reigns – more on that in a minute.

Pete has also decided that his last performance with us will be at Rockstock Festival in Willington, Derby on 29th September. We know a vast number of our closest festival friends will be in attendance, either as performers or punters, therefore this will be a very special gig for everyone. We will also be announcing the mysterious and brave (or foolish) individual who has agreed to join our ranks as our new bassist. If you’re coming to Rockstock, we very much look forward to raising a glass with you to see Mr Fealey off in style.

It’s all very exciting!

TL x

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