image New Year’s Eve at The Winter Gardens ALBUM #2 IN THE WORKS!

Long Way From Home – Spring Tour 2018

That’s right, you read that properly. We are officially heading back out on tour again in February ’18!

This marks almost exactly one year since our first tour. You know what that means? NEW SONGS, BABY! We are always honoured when we get invited back to venues, and it’s even better that this time around, as we’re going further afield and (hopefully) bringing our tunes to some new and familiar faces across the country – we will quite literally be a long way from home!

Our wonderful agent, Henry at Midnight Mango, has been working his socks off (and probably tearing his hair out) to bring this tour together, so we would like to extend our gratitude to him and the rest of MM gang for having us for the last year. We love you guys!

Bring on 2018!

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