2nd Album Campaign

2nd Album Campaign

Who thinks it’s time for a second album?

It’s been a long time coming (almost two years!) but we have decided to get a new album out for you.


We have a massive favour to ask of all of you. In a perfect world, we would be able to fund the entire thing ourselves. Make no mistake, we are throwing every penny we have into this project, but it’s not quite enough. We want to make sure that as-yet-unnamed Album No. 2 is the best recording it can be, and to be honest, that sort of stuff doesn’t come cheap!

So we have come up with a range of exclusive products for you to pre-order. There’s all sorts of things on there, ranging from badges and keyrings, unreleased footage and interviews, all the way up to your own trio gig!

When do I get my stuff?
We anticipate the Album will be delivered in mid to late 2018. We won’t rush it, but conversely we don’t want to keep you hanging on too long.
You will get your order before the album’s official release date, as well as anything else you might of ordered like T shirts, bags, etc.

Risks and Accountability
Your money will be held securely and paid out directly to the people we need to pay to get this done. If for whatever reason the Album doesn’t happen, any funds that have been collected will be automatically refunded. This is extremely unlikely but in the interest of honesty and transparency we’re putting it here. It’s a big ask, and we hope you’ll trust us to deliver something special.

Thank you very much guys.

Much love,
TL x

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