Summer 2015 – Part II – July/August

Hello all!

As promised, here is the second half of our summer, er, summary (sorry).

July was a pretty quiet month for us all in all – it probably had something to do with our fiddle player jetting off on holiday for most of it – but we did manage to squeeze in a cracking gig at Bar Brunel in Bridgwater. We’ve played there a few times since we started gigging in 2013 and the bar is one of our favourite places to gig, so we’re looking forward to returning there again in November!

If July was our ‘quiet’ month, August more than made up for it! Kicking things off for us on the 1st was Livestock Festival in Longdon, Gloucestershire. 2015 was the inaugural year for this great little festival and it seems like they did everything right, landing household names such as Toploader, The Feeling, Scouting For Girls and The Hoosiers and having a wide range of locally sourced food and drink on site (we have to say, the backstage area was top notch!) and they recently announced they will be returning again next year, so congratulations to them!

Next up was our return to Lakefest (almost literally down the road from the Livestock festival site and a week later) and back to The Floating Globe stage. It was fantastic to bump into Ken, John and the rest of the Ferocious Dog crew as they had played the main stage on the Friday night. A great audience in fine voice greeted us and needless to say, it ended up being a very hot and sweaty performance from us – it’s virtually becoming the norm now!

*Side note – if you don’t know who Ferocious Dog are, where have you been?? Check out what happened earlier on this year*

One week later, we were up in beautiful Shropshire for Farmer Phil’s Festival. We’d heard a lot of incredible things about this festie and, to be honest, were amazed to be booked to headline the second stage without having played there before and we wondered whether we’d built ourselves up for a fall. Turns out we had nothing to worry about. As we wandered around the site, we bumped into so many people we’d met at other festivals and gigs over the last few months, we knew we were going to have a great time on stage later on that evening. That, and the Sunday roast we had at Nana’s Kitchen really set us up nicely after the long drive up from the Westcountry. Nice one Nana! As for the crowd, we were absolutely blown away by their enthusiasm – some of the dancing was incredible and we had our first mosh pit!

To round up our epic summer, we had a festival that we’ve been banging on and on about for months! Sat In A Field Festival was finally here, we were headlining the main stage and we were SO. FLIPPING. EXCITED! We want to thank Mike, Marc, Trev and all the team for doing such sterling work this year. We knew we were going to have a blast and nothing beats playing the song we wrote for the festival AT the festival! Thank you fellas. You rock!

By a bizarre twist of fate, we were booked last-minute to play at another one of our favourite festies on the same weekend – Watchet! It’s a nightmare for organisers when a band has to pull out for whatever reason, but we are so glad that a space opened up and we got to play again this year. We were placed on the main stage just before The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican (these guys are awesome and hilarious, please go and see them if you can). We were all a *little* jaded after lack of sleep at Sat In A Field (!) but after some food and a bit of a warm up backstage, we hit the ground running and had a blinder of a gig! Again, fantastic to see so many familiar faces in the crowd – we heard you singing Save Your Soul at us. It was a surreal and wonderful moment so thank you everyone!!

And so that was summer 2015. Not bad kids!

See you soon,

TL x

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